Automated Biometric Identification Systems

MegaMatcher Automated Biometric Identification System is a complete system for the deployment of large-scale multi-biometric projects. The modular and customizable solution provides services for high-performance, scalable systems with multiple parallel transactions.

The solution is intended for national-scale projects, like biometric voter registration with records deduplication, passport issuing, border control, as well as other civil or criminal AFIS/ABIS.

Features & Capabilities

  1. Technology proven in national-scale projects, like passport issuance and voter deduplication.
  2. Fingerprint, face, iris and palmprint modalities supported.
  3. Enrollment of biometric and biographic data with quality assessment.
  4. Identity records lifecycle management with adjudication.
  5. Galleries support for providing different agencies with specific access to the system.
  6. Fast matching in verification, identification and deduplication modes.
  7. Top accuracy proven at NIST MINEX III, PFT III, IREX 10 and FVC-onGoing.
  8. Forensic analysis module for law enforcement applications available.
  9. Scalable, modular architecture with high availability and fault tolerance.
  10. Cloud service available for making the system accessible from multiple platforms and locations.
  11. Customization is possible for specific project needs.